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Compo sana universal feeding ph?

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  • Compo sana universal feeding ph?

    Hello, Hola, sorry for my english.

    I start using CompoSana Universal. I make a slurry test and the substrate has a ph of 5.7

    CompoSana Universal says on the bag that it is peat based and this confuses me! I dont know how to treat it.

    I have been reading that peat based mediums should get watering feedings like hydro = ph 5.8

    As i was searching the google, i see a lot of users using the CompoSana Universal in this forum so i thought to try my luck here and get some solid answer.

    I am using GreenAir Genesis Mush Micro Grow Bloom nutrients.

    So guys, can you help a fellow grower out and sort out in my head how to treat this medium?