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CannabisCafé and the AICC

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  • CannabisCafé and the AICC


    What is

    The forums of are a space in the net where growers, consumers, studious, activists or professionals exchange information and experiences.
    The distinguishing feature of these forums is that, in spite of the great volume of information and of users, they are managed by these same users, constituted in the Association of Internet Users of Cannabis Café (Asociación de Internautas de Cannabis Café), owner and responsible for the forums.

    More than 250 thousand real visits every month.
    16 thousand registered users.
    Over a million messages organized in 95 thousand topics.


    The forum is organized in several blocks, each one of them containing a certain number of forums in relation to the subject of the block.

    Public area

    * Basic cultivation.
    * Outdoor cultivation.
    * Indoor Cultivation.
    * Hydroponic cultivation
    * Biological cultivation.
    * Banks and varieties.
    * Harvest
    * Hash and oil.
    * Breeding and genetics.
    * Design of cultivation closets.
    * Research and Development.
    * Botany.
    * Pictures.
    * General activism.
    * Press office.
    * Jurisprudence and legality.
    * Meetings and events.
    * Miscellany
    * Effects and experiences.
    * Trips and experiences abroad.
    * Uses and cannabic cooking.
    * Doctor.
    * Buy and Sell
    * Spanish-American forums.
    * English language users.
    * Cultivation in Portugal.
    * Bank of seeds.
    * Entheogens and psychoactives
    * Cannabic links.
    * Problems and suggestions.
    * Public forum of the AICC

    Private area

    * Federation of Cannabic Associations (Federación de Asociaciones Cannábicas).
    * Work groups.
    * Meetings of the AICC (Member´s Permanent Assembly).
    * Moderators' coordination.
    * Board of directors and coordination.


    The AICC is the association integrated by those users of that freely want to collaborate in the maintenance of the forum, either working in some of the maintenance and development projects, or simply contributing its annual membership fee and increasing the wide human capital that we possess.
    The essential goal is to maintain the forum in working order, obtaining enough economic resources for it and reinvesting the possible benefits in various activities, all them of antiprohibitionist nature.
    The AICC doesn't obtain any profit at all, and the whole of the people in charge carry out an altruistic and voluntary work, so that we can guarantee a forum of the users and for the users, 100% independent and free from pressures of any type.
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    Re: CannabisCafé and the AICC


    Hi! Kevin,nice to see you again around here.
    See you soon Bro........................
    "Si cualquiera de los Sabios derrocara al Señor de Mordor, empleando las mismas artes que él, terminaría instaurándose en el trono de Sauron, y un nuevo Señor Oscuro aparecería en la tierra"


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      Re: CannabisCafé and the AICC

      this is definatly the best weed related forum in the world! kilo for kilo we have some the of best growers/activists on the net you wont meet a better bunch of people anywhere else... its a pity that we dont have more english speakers on here but the ones that come are all cool people that love the plant as much as we do.....

      another pothead somewhere in cali....



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        I had a dream. But it's become a nightmare.

        What's going on pals?
        I just write a few lines to let you all know that I fancy joining this bunch of english users and weed growers. I wish my english was better (and my growing skills too), but I gess it won't be the least hardship to convey the message and discuss about many different subjects around hemp.
        Having introduced myself, I'll sit right here waiting for any matter to appeal my attention or any invitation to give my personal opinion.
        P.D. Please forgive my rusty english
        No me hago fotos ni...
        guardo un papel de mi,
        mi cara es...
        mi carné.