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Cannabis, forgetting and the botany of desire

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  • Cannabis, forgetting and the botany of desire

    Hi everybody, this is a lecture given at Berleley in 2002, even thought is a little bit old, is not dated at all, there is currently more and better information about some of the topics but what is said is valid. Probably a lot of you know about Michael Pollan for his book and his PBS documentary; if not watch it is very interesting.

    I read the occasional paper many years ago but then I forgot () it´s title and the name of the lecturer, downloading some material about cannabis I found it again and re-read it, and I think this could be of interest to some of you, now the first part of the lecture is in youtube:

    But there is not included the comments and questions of the audience and the presentations of the panel, Cathy Gallagher, Ignacio Chapela and Patricia Unterman, interventions that compliment the lecture and have a lot of meat in them.

    So if you don't knew about it, here is the complete lecture. Happy reading :
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    ¿después del humo, qué queda?