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looking for certain genetics in Madrid

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  • looking for certain genetics in Madrid


    since 3 weeks I am living in valdemanco near Madrid. I was wondering if any of the english speaking people here might point me into the right direction to find cuts from the variety OG Kush?

    SOV kush or Tahoe OG are right up there too.

    Another one that is high on my list is the ECSD(East Coast Sour Diesel) cut, I have heared rumours of it going around over here in Madrid.

    But I have only been here for 3 weeks, learning more spanish each day, but it is still hard to find the right connections.

    So any help is much appreciated.

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    Re: looking for certain genetics in Madrid

    Probably ..., if you use the translator of google and request it in " indoor " in spanish..., there is some person from Madrid who spends a few cuts to you...
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      Re: looking for certain genetics in Madrid

      SFV, Tahoe and ECSD...for sure hahahaha Casi nada vamos...

      Im almost sure just a couple of lucky growers have those cuts here in Spain, and I consider almost impossible for you to get those cuts here without the appropiate contacts. Even they´re difficult to find in the Ic Mag and THC Farmer for spanish growers so go figure...

      If I were you, i would visit some growshops here at Madriz. Maybe there, if you´re educated and correct with the owner, you´ll have access to some of the most popular "elite" cuts here: Critical Mass Bilbo, WW bilbo, SSh Bilbo, WW poligonera, SSH Madrid, Tijuana, Cheese, NYCD Mandarina, etc... Some growshops sell cuts for around 10 e each. But i remind you that is ILLEGAL, so you must be discret.

      but im thinking the way you´ve said "Aloha"...R u from HW???

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        Re: looking for certain genetics in Madrid

        Try to get them from Uk growers at the ICmag, there´s a huge elite cut list around there. In the London area will be easier to get them, There´re from the Alien cut to the Bubba pre`98, and if u have a friend who´s in the groove it will be relatively easy to find them out. Sorry i can´t be more helpfull but where i am living there´s a custom and i don´t want to get involved with cuttings, even more nowadays with the neofascist government we´ve got.
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